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Ketupat Rendang Brownies Coklat Ep4

Ketupat Rendang Brownies Coklat

Zaid and his family have been missing Raya celebrations together in their hometown for almost 3 years. Evidently, his parents, Wan and Tok Wan are longing to see their beloved grandchildren and spend time with them. This year would be no exception as his wife Elyna is busy with work. When Zaid called to inform his parents that they could not come home for Raya, Wan was left with no choice but to take matters into her own hands. She plots with Tok Wan to join her on a trip to the city and surprise Zaid. Despite feeling unwelcomed by Elyna, Wan did not give up hope and decided to dish out her secret weapon – a hearty plate of rendang, cooked with love to win over her family.

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